Teacher Wellbeing Index

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Teachers are among the most valuable assets in our society and deserve to feel respected, supported, and appreciated. The Teacher Wellbeing Index 2019 study from Education Support in the UK, offers current research and information that supports why the overall mental health and wellbeing of our teachers is so important. “Regardless of where they teach, good teaching requires the highest levels of physical, social, and emotional energy—the interaction in the classroom of a stressed, overwhelmed, tired, and unsupported teacher will be different to that of a supported teacher with a strong sense of professional autonomy, self-efficacy and balance between personal and professional life.” –Sinéad McBrearty

We at JabuMind believe it is time to take action to provide ongoing support for teachers, delivered via our app, which enriches and nourishes the whole education system including teachers, students, and administrators.


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