In two pilot studies of the JabuMind App for Teachers, a digitally administered mindfulness program designed specifically for teachers, teacher credentialing students at two different universities were asked to download and use the app over the time period of the course that they were enrolled in. The students were instructed to, at minimum, look through the app, and that they could use it as little or as much as they’d like. A pre-test was administered prior to app download, and a post-test on the last day of the course. In the first study the instructor led a ‘focus group’ in which they asked students’ likes/dislikes of the app. In the second study the instructor administered a mid-term with a series of questions about app usage and opinions. The usage of the app had no bearing on grade; in each circumstance the course instructor did not have access to specific app usage by the student. The length of the course and, therefore, potential app usage varied across the two studies.1,2 The hypothesis for both studies was that there would be improvements in one or more of the aspects of mindfulness and well-being that were measured. The results of these initial pilots showed significant improvements in measurements of growth mindset, stress and teacher self-efficacy. Although no significant change was shown in measures of sleep or well-being, there were trends towards benefits in well-being. Further research is needed to include a control group as well as analysis of subjects’ app use data over the course of the study which is available via software associated with the app.

In the first study, the app was administered in two, three-week courses that took place over a total time of 6 weeks. The total number of students who took both the pre- and post- tests over both courses was 48.

Research Report for UCSB_KKcg.docx-2

In the second study the app was administered over 10-weeks of a 14-week semester course. The total number of students completing both the pre- and post- tests was 14.

SELU (Spring, 2021) Pre and Post Results Final Report


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