Our Mission

We are a passionate group of teachers, coaches, artists, school principals, and mental health clinicians who share a common goal of creating a safer, stronger, and more supportive classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Our mission is to support teachers in their own social and emotional growth so that they, in turn, can help their students and school communities.

We believe it is of paramount importance to support the classroom teacher in this endeavor.

Our principal objective is to bring compassion, self-love, reflection, and in-depth discussions of well-being back into the classroom. We know from our years of research, including teacher surveys and interviews, that teachers want this and are capable of it.

Our solution is to provide an app that will help teachers connect to their innate inner wisdom and strengths. We believe this will fortify their well-being and, therefore, their confidence in supporting not only students but also school communities in SEL (Social and Emotional Learning). Our dream is to help create an education system where teachers, students, and parents can begin to have open conversations around well-being and life choices alongside Math, Science, and English.

I really liked this app (especially the interface)! Thanks for exposing teachers to the importance of their own mental health and mindfulness!

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JabuMind helped me to think of meditation as something that is simple and accessible to me, rather than a big, daunting task. Thanks for making it available to us!

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The variety of exercises and times of day were awesome.
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