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Earn Graduate Level Credits

Classroom educators can potentially earn graduate-level professional development semester credit for any of JabuMind’s Professional Development courses via our partner organization, Courses4Teachers Inc., an affiliate of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

JabuMind’s online courses are eligible for graduate-level professional development semester  credits, and you can earn up to 3 credits for participating in them. The 10- Week Fundamental Mindfulness Program is worth 2 credits, and the Training Series for Teachers’ Social and Emotional Health is worth 1 credit. 

To register for university credit you will need your certificate of completion from JabuMind. You may register by visiting the Courses4Teachers website.    

For questions about graduate-level professional development semester credit for educators, and to get more information on the application process, fees, etc., or to apply for credit, please contact Courses4Teachers at courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net or visit their website.

For those participants who successfully complete a JabuMind course who do not desire to apply for graduate-level professional development semester credit, a Certificate of Completion will be issued during the Closing Activities of each course upon request, and will reflect the name of the Course/Series, a brief description, and the number of hours allocated to the course.

 It is advised that teachers submit the Certificate of Completion to their governing board to see if they may receive professional development credit for our course.