How Is the JabuMind App Different From Other Mindfulness Apps?

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Teachers, you have always been superheroes in our book, but during the pandemic, you reached a new level of incredible. Faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, you stepped up and showcased your adaptability, strength, creativity, and compassion. The world has always owed you a debt of gratitude for the work you do, but never has it been more apparent than now. 

In response, we’ve seen an increase in mindfulness apps offering free meditations for educators during this difficult time. Some of these include Calm, HeadSpace, and Ten Percent Happier. 

While any offering of mindfulness to teachers is certainly appreciated and beneficial, these apps are offering their general meditations that they supply for everyone in the public. The Insight Timer app goes a bit further, designating a section of their app to teacher meditations. Even still, these apps are not made specifically for teachers.

At JabuMind, we knew that teachers have access to a wide variety of mindfulness apps to choose from. We also knew that teachers deserved an app that was all about them. The JabuMind app was developed by a team of teachers, administrators, mindfulness experts, and mental health clinicians. Our mission is to provide an app that supports educators with their self-care, mindfulness practice, and overall well-being––addressing their unique needs and fitting into their busy school days. 

Below, we’ll explore what makes the JabuMind app unique, such as its trauma-informed iRest® mindfulness program, teacher-specific meditation topics, professional development for teachers, and other special features. 

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Designed Specifically for Teachers

The JabuMind team builds everything in our app to fit the needs of teachers, school staff, and administrators. We address topics such as compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, burnout, and the unique stressors that teachers face to support their general well-being.  

We have an open dialogue with our teacher community of app users, responding to topics they request. Whether it’s through surveying teachers, leading focus groups, or engaging with users through social media—we consistently respond to teachers’ requests for their most-desired meditation topics. 

Not only are we seeing the impact through our app community, but we’re seeing research support the impact we’ve made as well. Initial research with teacher credentialing students at a major university suggests that the JabuMind app may have assisted individuals in improving their ability to focus, a component of a Growth Mindset with a significant difference in pre and post tests. The same research pilot also demonstrated trends in increasing well-being and self-efficacy. Additional research is underway. 

Uses the iRest® Method

Through our partnership with iRest®, the JabuMind app gives teachers a trauma-informed wellness program. The iRest® method of mindfulness is a non-religious meditation practice adapted to suit the conditions of modern life. When practiced regularly (little and often), iRest® empowers people to meet each moment of life with peace and well-being, no matter how difficult the situation.

iRest® stands for Integrative Restoration. It is integrative in that it addresses both physical and psychological issues in your body and mind, such as trauma, insomnia, stress, and pain. It is restorative because it helps you recover an inner resource of peace and well-being.

Studies show that the iRest® method of meditation is effective in improving the stress response of workers, college students, and school counselors. It is also a strong therapy for PTSD. Additional research shows that the iRest® approach to meditation is particularly effective in inducing sleep.

The first ten weeks of the JabuMind app focus on teaching the 10 core tools of iRest® and how these tools can support teachers with their unique challenges. After that, the app’s meditations go deeper into iRest’s 10 tools and teacher-specific topics. 

Professional Development for Teachers

So you see, the moment you open the app you have immediate access to iRest, an evidence-based wellness program. But wait, it gets better—we’re developing a course so you can receive graduate-level professional development credits for completing these 10 weeks of meditations! Soon, you’ll have access to this professional development course, called “The 10-Week Fundamental Mindfulness Program.”

In addition, we’re developing a broad selection of professional development course topics, including “The Professional Adult SEL Training Series.” Not only will you be benefiting your own mindfulness and social-emotional growth, but you’ll be acquiring PD credits in the process! Win-win. Stay tuned for more information to come on the launch of these courses!

Special Features for Teachers

The JabuMind app also offers …

  • Daily mood and sleep tracker with weekly summary
  • Daily Humorous teacher quotes
  • Daily teacher inspirational quotes
  • Tea with Teachers Podcast: interviewing teachers, school staff, and administrators

Instructors From Across the Globe

iRest® instructors from around the globe deliver all the meditations in our app. You’ll hear a diverse set of instructor voices, each coming from a wide variety of gender identities and cultures. We know that everyone has a unique preference for the pitch, tone, and type of voice that feels most soothing. We are here to help you find voices that you connect and feel safe with. 

It’s the Ideal App for Teachers!

While there are many mindfulness apps to choose from, no other app can give educators the unique, tailored experience that the JabuMind app can. Teachers—we see you, we hear you, we are here for you. 


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