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of new teachers leave teaching?within five years

?Richard Ingersoll

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education;?National Teacher Principal Survey, 2018.

Our Mission

We are a passionate group of teachers, coaches, artists, school principals, and mental health clinicians who share a common goal of creating a safer, stronger, and more supportive classroom experience for both teachers and students.

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Mindful Self-Compassion for Teachers

Mindful Self-Compassion for Teachers

By: Erin Swanson, M.Ed. Under Pressure Teachers—this might ring a bell. Many of us go into the teaching profession because we feel it is our mission in life, or heart’s desire, to help children.  While this is an honorable goal, it can lead to unrealistic, high...

Create a Resonant Sound! The Music of a Joyful Mind

Create a Resonant Sound! The Music of a Joyful Mind

By: Joel Karabo Elliott She is always there, deep within us all . . . Music!  Music presents herself so fluently, so fluidly, as a universal language, a way of communication that bridges flesh and spirit, emotion and intellect, uniting and uplifting all the beings...

How to Cope With the Emotional Labor of Teaching

How to Cope With the Emotional Labor of Teaching

By: Erin Swanson, M.Ed.   Wyatt’s face grew a darker shade of red. Between sobs, he sputtered, “I hate recess! Everybody plays so rough!”  I steadied myself with a deep breath, mustering every ounce of calm I could. I felt the eyes of 30 seven-year-olds watching...