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Connect with us through the JabuMind app with a personal coach to address your self-care through meditations based on the scientifically proven iRest® Method.

Self-Care Tools
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Overcome Anxiety & Depression
Improve Quality of Sleep
Increase Sense of Control

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of new teachers leave teaching?within five years

?Richard Ingersoll

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education;?National Teacher Principal Survey, 2018.

Our Mission

We are a passionate group of teachers, coaches, artists, school principals, and mental health clinicians who share a common goal of creating a safer, stronger, and more supportive classroom experience for both teachers and students.

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Time to Prioritize Sleep

Time to Prioritize Sleep

“Do but consider what an excellent thing sleep is...that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. Who complains of want? of wounds? of cares? of great men's oppressions? of captivity? whilst he sleepeth?” --Thomas Dekker In our always on 24/7 world...

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”                                                                                            --Mary Oliver February is National Heart Month in the US and the UK. The healthcare community devotes...

January… New Beginnings…. Or Not?

January… New Beginnings…. Or Not?

Many people make New Year’s resolutions at the end of December, and most resolutions are abandoned by mid-February. Change is hard, and it is not impossible. What makes it so hard, and what makes it possible, is the way our miraculous human brain works. The human...


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