Professional Development

JabuMind professional development trainings are designed for self-study and can be accessed at any time by Premium JabuMind app subscribers.

Users are encouraged to create their user profile and browse through the app to help familiarize themselves with the platform. Course Syllabus and Registration Information are accessible through the JabuMind website.


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10 Week Mindfulness Course

The goal of the program is to educate teachers about the basic 10-Step Integrative Restoration (iRest®) practice which provides participants with the tools necessary to develop a personal mindfulness practice. The curriculum is delivered over a 10-week period, with a minimum of 30 hours for the course.

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Training Series for Teachers' Social and Emotional Health

The goal of this series is to help teachers build a foundational understanding of how social and emotional learning (SEL) skills and a personal mindfulness practice are essential to their emotional well-being. Participants will acquire a body of knowledge to address many of the challenges teachers face in the classroom and beyond. Training modules are both educational and experimental with a focus on the development of SEL skills, while introducing mindfulness practices to support newly acquired knowledge. The series includes four individual trainings. Trainings are delivered on-demand and include a minimum of 3.75 hours per training, and 15 hours per series.


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