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Connect with us through the JabuMind app with a personal coach to address your self-care through meditations based on the scientifically proven iRest® Method.

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of new teachers leave teaching within five years

—Richard Ingersoll

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; National Teacher Principal Survey, 2018.

Our Mission

We are a passionate group of teachers, coaches, artists, school principals, and mental health clinicians who share a common goal of creating a safer, stronger, and more supportive classroom experience for both teachers and students.

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Global Crisis Meditation: Helping Hands

Global Crisis Meditation: Helping Hands

While we’ve always known that hand-washing was one of the most effective actions we could take to protect our health, what we may not have considered is how we can use the time spent with warm water rushing over our hands to soothe our souls.  In this brief...

Global Crisis Meditation: A Conversation with an Emotion or Feeling

Global Crisis Meditation: A Conversation with an Emotion or Feeling

At this time when we are all experiencing the impact of an unexpected visitor in our lives, it’s the perfect time to invite our feelings and emotions into our awareness to better understand what their messages are.  Being in the present moment allows us to pay...